Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis miller) and Its Natural Ingredients: A Mini Review


  • Amir Hamza Khan University


Aloe Vera, diabetes mellitus, carcinogen, cancer, allergic reactions, genital herpes, cosmetics, therapeutic uses


Aloe Vera gel extracted from aloe Vera plant were most commonly used in cosmetics and other beauty related products. For the determination of its efficacy in human health and identification of active compounds in aloe Vera many trials had been done. Although it also had some clinical importance like it might be very effective for genital herpes, diabetes mellitus, and many other allergic reactions. Some studies also show that oral administration of aloe Vera gel or its syrup might be useful for lowering glucose level in the blood and might be effective in diabetic patients that are suffering from this disorder. Beside its beneficial properties aloe Vera were also being loaded with some carcinogen that causes cancer upon oral administration. This paper will review the naturally occurring ingredients found in aloe Vera and its therapeutic uses and we will also discuss its side effects.   




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